BD Community membership

If you are a fan of dressage, want to learn more and meet other like-minded people, or are not yet ready to compete at affiliated events, BD Community Membership is for you – and what’s more, it is completely FREE!

As an BD Community member of British Dressage you get:

  • Access to the digital version of British Dressage magazine
  • Receive regular email newsletter ‘Engage’
  • Access to online horse and rider competition records
  • Ability to buy a class ticket and try an affiliated competition before becoming a paid member

And, as your knowledge and experience grows, you can choose to upgrade your membership whenever you like to gain access to British Dressage competitions and training, too.


Class tickets

If you'd like to compete as an BD Community member you'll need to buy a class ticket, at a cost of £10 per ticket, from your profile on our membership portal. One ticket is required per class, and will need to be sent to the venue along with the completed entry form. Here's a bit more on how class tickets work:

  • The combination covered by the class ticket must be minimum BD Community members of British Dressage - both the rider and the horse need to be registered.
  • Each class ticket enables the combination to enter one class. Please note, class tickets do not cover Freestyle to Music classes due to the PPL requirements.
  • You must be eligible to compete in the class/section per competition requirements and are subject to the rules contained in the BD Members’ Handbook which can be accessed online.
  • Entries and payment are made to the venue; schedules and entry information can all be found on the BD website.
  • You're entitled to any prize money won, and any points gained will go on the rider and horse records.
  • You can use results gained on a class ticket towards qualification for Associated and Combined Training Championships but not Area Festivals or any other Championships.