World Class Programme

Funded by the Exchequer and the National Lottery through UK Sport, the Equestrian World Class Programme focuses on three key areas for British athletes and horses; identifying talent, developing potential and maximising medal-winning performances on the world stage.

The equestrian World Class Programme is made up of three squads, Podium, Podium Potential and Podium Potential Pathway.

Further details about the World Class Programme can be found on the British Equestrian website.


Current World Class riders:

Dressage - Podium Para dressage - Podium 
Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, Charlotte Fry, Gareth Hughes and Laura Tomlinson Natasha Baker, Sophie Christiansen, Gabriella Blake, Erin Orford, Sophie Wells and Georgia Wilson
Dressage - Podium Pathway Para dressage - Podium Potential
Andrew Gould, Annabella Pidgley and Becky Moody Charlotte Cundall, Mari Durward-Akhurst, Nicola Naylor and Izzy Palmer
Dressage- Podium Potential Para dressage - Podium Potential Pathway
Lewis Carrier Jemima Green, Fiona Maynard and Katie Radzik
Dressage - Podium Potential Pathway  
Caitlin Burgess, Dylan Duetrom, Maddy Frewin, Ruth Hole, Jessica Mcconkey and Bridget Tate