Petplan Area Festivals

The Petplan Area Festivals are the perfect target for BD riders looking to have a taste of the big time at a championship-feel event!

The series, which was launched in 2000 and is aimed at grassroots riders, has grown from 15 Area Festivals around the country with 555 tests completed in its’ first year to over 7,524 starters during the 2022 season – the biggest British Dressage affiliated series in the UK. This season also marks the 25th year of Petplan partnership with British Dressage in bringing you the Petplan Area Festivals. 

Split into two seasons, summer and winter, the Petplan Area Festivals offer a year round competition pathway with riders qualifying and competing in the Area Festivals, before going on to the Area Festival Championships taking place in April and October each year.

Petplan Area Festivals Hub

Whether you're a seasoned Petplan Area Festivals competitor, or you're considering trying the Area Festivals for the first time, our Petplan Area Festivals Hub has everything you need to help you along your journey.


Key facts

  Summer 2024 Winter 2025
Qualification period 1 January - 30 June 2024 1 July - 31 December 2025
Levels Prelim to Inter I (including Freestyle to Music) Prelim to Inter I 

Bronze and Silver

Bronze and Silver
Area Festivals July - end of August Mid January - Mid February 
Championships Arena UK, 2 – 6 October Addington, April TBC
Championship Dressage tests Prelim 19, Novice 23, Elementary 53, Medium 73, Advanced Medium 91, FEI PSG 2009 and FEI Inter I 2009, current freestyle tests. Prelim test 5, Novice test 5, Elementary test 5, Medium test 5, Advanced Medium test 5, FEI PSG 2009 & FEI Inter I 2009. 

Summer Area Festival Qualification

Area Festival qualification follows a percentage based method, to achieve your required number of scores within the designated qualification periods detailed below. Scores can be gained at regular BD shows at your local venues. Take a look at the table below to choose your level and find out how many scores you need to take part. For multiple Area Festival qualifications a combination requires a further set of three or two scores depending on the level.

Summer Area Festival scores

Level Qualification
Prelim to Advanced Medium Three scores at 63% or above (scores to be from one section)
Prix St Georges and Inter I

Two scores at 60% or above (scores to be from one section)

Winter Area Festival Scores

Level Qualification
Prelim to Advanced Medium                     Three scores at 63% or above (scores to be from one section)
Prix St Georges and Inter I                                                      Two scores at 60% or above (scores to be from one section)

Key rules: 

  • Combinations may only compete at a maximum of two Area Festivals per season for each level and section unless they achieve qualification for the Championships.
  • A combination may not compete at the same level (including music) in both an Area Festival and Regional in the same season. The Area Festival level must be higher than the Regional if competing in both in the same season. 
  • Combinations who score 68% (70% Music) at Regionals, may not compete in an Area Festival at the same level or below in the current and future years e.g. a combination scoring 68% at Novice Silver may not ride in an Area Festival at Novice level or below again.
  • Combinations who score 68% or higher (70% Music) at the Area Festival Championships, may not compete in an Area Festival at the same level and section or below in the current and future years.

Take a look at all of the rules for the Area Festivals in our 2024 Members' Handbook.


Summer Area Festivals

Venue County Date
Burrows Court Farm incl. Music Gloucestershire 12 – 17 July
Vale View Equestrian Leicestershire 19 – 21 July
Rockrose Equestrian Centre incl. Music East Lothian 19 - 21 July
Bicton Arena Devon 19 - 21 July
Little Mill Equestrian Centre incl. Music Carmarthenshire 26 – 28 July
Kingswood Equestrian Centre Staffordshire 26 - 28 July
Brook Farm Training Centre Essex 26 - 28 July
Myerscough College incl. Music Lancashire 31 July - 04 August
Sheepgate Equestrian incl. Music Lincoln 08 - 11 August
Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre incl. Music Warwickshire 15 - 18 August
Chard Equestrian incl. Music Somerset 15 - 17 August
Speedgate Events incl. Music Kent 16 - 18 August
Northallerton Equestrian Centre North Yorkshire 15 - 18 August
GDG @ The Cabin Equestrian incl. Music Aberdeenshire 17 - 18 August
Port Royal Equestrian Centre incl. Music North Yorkshire 22 - 25 August
Sparsholt College incl. Music Hampshire 23 - 25 August
Bury Farm Equestrian Village incl. Music Buckinghamshire 25 - 27 August

Remember to fill in the rider biography form here and send it directly to the venue.

Qualifying for the Summer Area Festival Championships 2024

Combinations who place in the top two (unless a class is split and then the winners only qualify) will earn a coveted spot (providing the minimum score of 63% is achieved) at the Petplan Summer Area Festival Championships, held at Arena UK 02 - 06 October 2024.

Summer Area Festival Freestyle

Want to take part in dressage to music in the summer? From Prelim to Inter I, you can qualify for the Petplan Summer Area Festival Championships by taking part in regular day to day BD competitions at your local venues. Find out more on how to get your dancing shoes on below.



You can ride in Prelim Bronze sections to get your scores for an Area Festival as a Club member on a Club horse. If you do qualify for a Petplan Area Festival, you and your horse must upgrade to become a Full member to take part. Don't forget, if you own a horse taking part in the Petplan Area Festivals, you'll need to be a Full (competing) or Full (non-competing) member too. 

For Prelim Silver and Novice level and above both you and your horse need to be a Full (competing) member and have a Full horse registration to gain your scores.