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British Dressage is the governing body for the Olympic sport of Dressage and the Paralympic sport of Para-dressage. If you’re passionate about dressage, at whatever level, unaffiliated or affiliated, British Dressage is here to help further your enjoyment and ensure the sport continues to go from strength to strength.

We're a proud member of British Equestrian (BEF) which links us to the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) for all international affairs. Each year we select teams to represent Great Britain at championships as part of Team GBR at senior, para, young rider, junior and pony levels. We oversee all affiliated dressage in the United Kingdom which incorporates around 18,500 members competing at 2,500 shows at 188 venues. We develop rules and policies which shape the sport.  

Dressage is a truly equal sport - we have members aged from six to 92, men and women compete on equal terms and disabled athletes compete alongside their able-bodied counterparts or in dedicated classes. Put simply, we're open to all!

We maintain standards by ensuring our affiliated venues meet minimum criteria and the competition is judged by qualified judges who undergo continuous training. The sport is also reliant on an amazing volunteer army who willingly give their time.

We're also the guardians of the sport and work hard to ensure fair play, maintain and develop standards at all levels from grass roots to Olympians, and ensure the welfare of the horse is paramount. Our competition structure ensures opportunity for all while the regional network offers a support network and great training opportunities.

As well as a company limited by guarantee, we're a registered charity with a trading arm, British Dressage Trading Ltd.

Organisation details

British Dressage 
A company limited by guarantee and not having share capital with charitable status 
Registered in England and Wales 
Company no: 344026 
Charity no: 1155352 
A member of the British Equestrian Federation 
British Dressage Trading Limited 
British Dressage Trading Limited 
A company limited by shares 
Registered in England and Wales 
Company no: 08712159 
VAT no: 180 237228 

Registered office of both companies: 
Building 2020, Meriden Business Park, Copse Drive, Meriden, West Midlands CV5 9RG 
T: 02476 698830 
E: office@britishdressage.co.uk 

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